Financial Aid

Cost of Attendance for Undergraduates

The cost of attendance is an estimate of what it will cost for an undergraduate student to attend University of the Pacific for an academic year.

89% of Pacific students receive an average of $27,929 in financial aid each year.

89% of Pacific students recieve financial aid each year

2019–2020 Estimated Cost of Attendance

The Cost of Attendance may vary based on your program of study and program fees. Charges for tuition, housing, meals and fees are subject to an annual increase to secure the highest quality instruction, facilities, programs and services.

Direct Expenses

Direct expenses are costs that are billed through the university and paid through your Pacific account for expenses directly related to your education. Such expenses typically include tuition and fees, and on-campus housing (including meals) if you are living on campus.

Indirect Expenses

Indirect expenses are built into your cost of attendance to help with your financial planning, but they are not billed through the university. Such expenses may include books, transportation and living expenses (e.g., rent and food). View housing and dining costs >

2019–20 Estimated Cost of Attendance

Undergraduate Bachelor’s Degree and PreProfessional Programs

 Academic Year 2019–20 (all schools and colleges) 2 Semesters
 Full-time Undergraduate Tuition $48,904
 Wellness Center $330
 Student Activity Fee $274
 McCaffrey Recreation Fee $80
 Matriculation Fee (a one-time fee for new students only) $100

 Food and Housing (costs will vary based on meal plan and room arrangements): $13,408

 (Tuition, Fees and Room & Board):

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