Financial Aid

Athletic Scholarships

Important Information 

  • Pacific offers scholarships to outstanding athletes who wish to play for one of our 16 NCAA Division I intercollegiate athletics sports.
  • While some players are offered "full" athletic scholarships, which cover the cost of tuition and room and board (i.e. housing and food), other student-athletes receive athletics' scholarships which may cover only room and board, or only tuition or only a portion on tuition. 
  • It is important to realize that every player on an athletic team is not necessarily on an athletic scholarship and that other forms of financial aid (i.e. merit awards, grants and loans) may be awarded in conjunction with athletic aid.

Receiving an Athletic Scholarship

  • For more information on athletics scholarships, contact the coach of your sport.
  • Coaches have the final decision on which student-athletes receive athletic scholarships.

Visit the Athletics website for a list of coaches.