Financial Aid

Provost's Scholarship

Important Information for Fall 2020

Total = $16,000 (annual) / $64,000 (four-year value)

  • Provost's Scholarships are awarded to high achieving high school seniors who apply to University of the Pacific.
  • You don't have to file the FAFSA to be considered and there is no separate scholarship application.
  • Provost's Scholarships are determined holistically, with factors such as high school attended, curriculum rigor, extracurricular activities, leadership, and demonstrated interest all being factors.

Renewal Requirements

  • To retain your scholarship, you must maintain full-time enrollment at Pacific in a bachelor's or pre-professional program, with a cumulative grade point average of 2.6 or above, and make satisfactory progress toward completion of your degree.  
  • Freshman Academic Merit Scholarships can be renewed for full-time enrollment in a bachelor's degree program for up to a total of four years (eight semesters) of scholarship support or for up to five years (ten semesters) for engineering students.
  • These scholarships can only be applied to undergraduate coursework and therefore, cannot be applied to professional coursework of pharmacy, dentistry, or law.

Typical academic profile of students who are considered:

  • GPA:   3.47
  • SAT:   1151 (based on the Reading and Math scores only)
  • ACT:   23

For more information on this scholarship, please contact a member of our financial aid counseling team at 209.946.2421 or