Financial Aid

View Your Awards

View your financial aid awards on insidePacific.


Go to InsidePacific


Go to

Enter your PacificNet ID username and password.

Select the tab on the left labeled "Students.”

Select the tab labeled "Academic.”

Find the section labeled "Financial Aid Links.”

Select the link "View your Financial Aid Award.”

Select the "Award by Aid Year" link. Indicate the year you would like to view with the drop down menu.

Select the "Award Overview" tab.

Accept/Decline Financial Aid Awards.

Click on the "Accept Award Offer" tab located within the "Award By Aid Year" link.

Select "accept" or "decline" for each fund. If you wish to select a partial amount, you may do so by selecting "accept" and entering the amount in the "Accept Partial Amount" field.

Click on the "Submit Decision" button. Note: If you want to accept the full amount of all of your awards, click on the "Accept Full Amount All Awards" button.

View messages associated with your financial aid award.

Click on the "My Overall Status of Financial Aid" link from the Financial Aid main menu.

Select the link within the "You have active messages" link.

View missing financial aid requirements that may delay your financial aid.

Click on the “Eligibility” link from the Financial Aid main menu.

Select the “Student Requirements” tab. Note: Missing requirements are located in the “Unsatisfied Requirements” section with the status of “Established” and/or “Incomplete.”